NCAG School of Ministry at Greater Life Church


North Carolina District School of Ministry is a ministry of the North Carolina District of the Assemblies of God. NCDSOM provides Christian education to both ministers and lay members of churches. NCDSOM fully subscribes to and follows the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God.


BECAUSE MINISTRY IS ABOUT MORE THAN COFFEE OR DONUTS: We teach the authority of the Word and the power of the Spirit because we know there’s more at stake than which church has the best breakfast on Sundays.


BECAUSE THOSE WHO CAN, TEACH: Our teachers aren’t from an ivory tower disconnected from the world. They live what they teach and pass on their experience to the next generation of ministers.


BECAUSE THERE’S NO AGE RESTRICTION ON CALLING: If God can use people like Abraham and Josiah, then He’s not intimidated by your situation either.


BECAUSE MINISTRY DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE A CORNER OFFICE: We offer convenient class times and a ministry education that fits a real life schedule because life doesn’t fit in the 8-5 time slot.  

Annual application fee: $27

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