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The Life Center is a Bible-based Counseling Center where hurting people can come and share their pain in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

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Classes: 5PM - 6:30PM


Do you struggle with eating disorders, drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco, spending etc? Victorious Overcomers is a program designed to help you deal with addictions, habits, and compulsions. Addiction has its roots in past traumas, pain, and wounded areas of one's life. Jesus died for our sins nevertheless he wants to use the body to bring healing to the other areas of our life. Too often we cover our pain believing the lies and not coming to the truth. Knowing is not enough.

Believing and living in the truth will set you free as the Scriptures declare. Join us on Sunday evenings here at GLC for this biblical program. Make note that our leaders have been through the program and have proved, when applied, it works.


Have you been through a divorce? Divorce Care is designed to walk you through the various seasons that you may experience along the way to healing. We have leaders who have come through divorce using Divorce Care that has helped them through that season in their life. Being a part of a group helps to develop friendships and to walk with others by journeying together toward healing.


Grief is something no one should try to go through alone. Those who lead Grief Share have experienced grief themselves and understand the grieving journey. In this program you will learn valuable lessons and be given tools to help you go through this difficult season of your life.


There is a battle going on. Millions of victims are trapped in the struggle of sexual addiction with no apparent way out. Pure Desire is the answer to the desperate cry for help from those who have tried to build sexual holiness into their lives and failed…and failed…and failed. Here is hope for establishing healthy personal boundaries with proven, practical applications to claim Christ’s healing power and presence, perhaps for the first time. The time is now to begin walking in victory. Learn how to tackle this issue with confidence, clarity, and biblical perspective. Call Pastor Victor about this program for those dealing with pornography. This is a 10-week video series that will be greatly informative as well as help you to break the cycle of addiction. It's confidential.


A discipleship program that will cover topics that are foundational for your journey with the Lord. Understanding God’s love properly will take you on a healthy path. Walking in the Spirit, speaking words of life, and trusting God are all vital for your journey in the Lord.


A program that will help you with financial matters. It will help you to spend wisely, save money, distribute your income in a way that will keep you out of debt. It will show you ways to plan your finances to keep you out of debt and bondage of living paycheck to paycheck. It does involve discipline and planning.


A program to help those who have suffered the pain and the guilt of having gone through abortion. God is not in the business of keeping you in bondage of guilt and shame. He came to set us free from the lies you were told. He loves you and wants to set you free.


Come and experience a marriage tune-up. We all need it from time to time just to give us clues that we might be missing. Wives will learn what speaks love to a man and a man will learn what speaks love to a woman. Our differences have kept us apart for far too long. Understanding will bring you closer.

Counselors Victor and Linda Rakowski